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Tools for the Job

Any home mechanic will have a reasonable amount of tools to fix most things, from screw drivers to sockets set, and maybe some more exotic tools as well. If you are to carry out some jobs on a Lambretta, then there are some specific tools you should have as a bare minimum to avoid costly mistakes and breakages.

Below you can find a list of tools, we have listed the tools as required when there is no reasonable alternative to using that tool. Where there is an alternative, we try to let you know what and how to do the job without it. Some tools are as you can imagine expensive and so if you are only restoring one scooter may well not be worth while you purchasing it. Look up a local scooter club, enthusiast or dealer as often you will find that Lambretta owners are more then willing to help, or that a dealer may well be able to supply the parts, carry out the work cheaper then you can buy the tool to carry out the job.

If you can offer any help with more specialist Lambretta tools, please feel free to contact us, as you can image Lambretta produced hundreds and hundreds of tools for all the different models and all the different jobs. To have a complete list would be very hard indeed, so for the purposes of our list, we have mainly stuck to series 1, 2 and 3 models, and the more common tools currently on the market today.

The list of tools at present is in no specific order, hopefully with time we will organise the "tool board" in a more efficient manner!

Tools List is Under Construction