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Buyers guide

The first thing to do as with buying any thing from a television to a house, is research information for the model you have chosen to purchase. Prices can vary wildly, from private to different shops, from good machines to bad, from customised to original, and whilst you should buy with caution a machine to cheap to be true, you also do not want to pay over the odds for your desired scooter. Having said that one or two models covered further down pretty much command their own price tag, the amount of machines available for sale compared to demand allows sellers to demand the best price possible.

We are sent e-mails several times a week asking should I buy from here or there well I am going to be brutal here the answer is NO. Lets be honest if you have never heard of a company before would you give them your hard earned money knowing nothing about them? There are more and more restoration experts, scooter shops, dealers opening up every week, UK, Far East, India, it seems every corner of the globe. Whilst I am not saying a new bussiness is not law abiding, capable of producing top quality work, you really do need recomendations, or at least to see the work or scooter before you buy. It really is worrying that more and more people seem to want to buy that bargain as it has shiney paint, well that paint might look good but it will be just as heavy as tatty scooter when you have to push it every where! If you want help, or to ask about this scooter, that dealer, I would suggest the place place to do this would be in the forums as here you will get independant advice from fellow Lambretta riders.

All of the above probably sounds very negative, it is meant to be, the last thing we want is for you to buy a nasty Lambretta and spoil your enjoyment and view on the world of owning a Lambretta. Do not let this put you off buying one from what ever source though, we have stated this to hopefully make you sit up and think and not rush into a deal. There are good scooters out there, where ever in the world you choose to buy one, but take your time and get the right one!

At present correct frame to engine numbers appears to be the most important thing for buyers, Italian Lambretta frame and engine numbers never matched, some of the time they could be up to several thousand numbers apart. Spanish built Lambrettas on the other hand always matched, but for some reason these machines fail to demand as much money as their Italian counter parts, but because of this can often be brought at more sensible prices.

So what to look for, well further down you can find specific hints and tips for each model, but as a general overview for Lambretta machines, you should consider the following points.

Click Here for a comprehensive list and picture details of what to look for and is what you are trying to avoid when purchasing a Lambretta!