Handy hints

On this page we hope to build up a data base of small helpful hints and tips, these items may not warrent a whole page dedicated to their topic, but none the less are just as helpful. If you have any thing you would like to add on these pages feel free to e-mail us.

Spare Cables
You only need two inner cables to carry as spares. One clutch, one gear. The clutch will also fit the front brake, you can either cut the access, or coil it up in a loop, making sure it is safe and will not unravel.
The gear will fit both gears, and the throttle, to make this fit as a throttle cable always carry a spare small trunnion that fits into the carburettor. Should the choke cable brake, you can use the remains on the inner to make a short cable that can be pulled up either by hand or some pliers to get you by.

How to check if your drive side oil seal has blown
Start scooter, let it warm and idle nicely. Drain the oil while the scooter is ticking over, preferably into a suitable container so you can re use it. If as the oil is about drained your engine revs rise, your seal has gone.

N.B. Most people forget that the plug you remove to fill your oil up with is actually a breather as well. Many oil seals fail because this breather is blocked, check yours!

Fuel starvation
Kick the scoot over with your palm blocking the mouth of the carb. If you hand get wet then petrol is getting through.

If dry then work back from the tank:
1. Petrol in tank
2. Petrol coming out of tap - no clean tap check for block. If petrol coming out move on.
3. Fix petrol pipe. Is petrol coming out of pipe at the carb end. If no, block in pipe. If yes move on.
4. Check filter in carb and float needle valve.

Replacing a speedo cable
After undoing the headset, pull the old cable out from the top. Clean out the bottom fork stem hole from where the cable just came, to remove any road grime that has built up. Thread the new (or old) inner up from the bottom, reversed. Now slide the new outer over the inner from the top and push it down, you will probably need to wiggle it when it meets the hole in the fork tube to get it through. Continue to fit the outer until it is in its correct position, and then remove the inner, grease it well and thread that through the outer from the top.