Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this FAQ has been compiled from questions posed on the forums, answers are similarly taken from the forums and some will represent some personal views. No implication should be made that any of the below is LCGB affiliated advice.

How do I register an imported scooter?
Registering an imported scooter
Click HERE for all the information you could need.

How does the clutch work?
Lambretta Clutch
Crankshaft turns the large sprocket via the chain. This is also the outer part of the clutch and turns freely if not connected to the chain or gear cluster. Cork plates are connected to the large sprocket via the lugs on the outside and turn with it. A set of springs hold the corks in contact with the steel plates. Steel plates are connected to the inner part of the clutch (spider) by the lugs on the inside. The spider is permanently connected to the gear cluster which drives the rear wheel through gears. When the operating arm is pulled by the cable, a cam puts pressure on the springs allowing the plates to seperate hence the large sprocket continues to turn but drive is no longer transmitted through the plates. Oil lubricates the plates preventing them from heating up and burning out as they are brought together. The springs have to be strong enough to keep the plates in solid contact when the clutch is engaged (transmitting power).

What are the Lambretta tyre pressures?
Lambretta Tyre Pressures - Series 1, 2, 3.
Standard : 18psi (1.2 bar) front 28 (2.0) rear
With pillion 18 psi 34 (2.4) rear
It should be remembered that incorrect tyre pressures can be a fail at MOT time. It's unusual for a tester to actually test the pressures but when he's checking the tread etc he may feel that there's too much "give" and check them. It is good practice to check your pressures once a week at least as they can affect handling as well as fuel economy.
One more tip: If you are carrying a spare, keep it at the same pressure you would use the rear, it's a lot easier to let a little air out if you have to replace the front rather than put on an under inflated rear wheel.

How does the MOT treat all my extra spotlights?
MOT and extra spots
There appears to be a few answers to this one but suffice to say that if in doubt talk to the mot tester, it appears (as with all things Lambretta) that different testers may take different views. Just to be thorough though we've included some points from forum members.

"The guy at my place said that if they have wires and switches, they have to work. If non then they are classed as accessories."

"I’m pretty sure that if you cover them up (remember those chequered covers you could once get) then they don’t have to be working to pass an MOT, I may be wrong though."

"Some interesting info from -
However, believe it or not, due to a quirk in the regulations if you blank off or disconnect all of your lights then the MOT garage does not have to Test the lights and cannot fail your vehicle on the MOT. However if you use the vehicle after dark without a number plate light you would face prosecution if caught.
Front fog lamps are not part of the MOT"

How do I replace my speedo cable?
Speedo Cable Replacement

Option 1
Get a length of wire about three times the length of the outer, it must be able to fit inside the inner (you can use gardening wire, electrical cable or welding wire).
Remove the inner then run the wire down the outer.
You can then slide the old outer up and out over the wire, make sure the wire stays put rather than coming out with the outer.
Then slide the new outer down the wire.
Then put the new inner in and connect up.

Option 2
Pull the old one out from the top.
Clean out the bottom fork stem hole to remove any crud.
Thread the new (or old) inner up from the bottom, reversed.
Now slide the new outer over the inner from the top and push it down.
Wiggle it when it meets the exit hole to get it through.
Thread it through to its correct length.
Remove the inner, grease it well and thread that through the outer from the top.

How do I get a frame number for my new unstamped frame?
Frame Numbering
Please note, stamping a bare frame with a number from another frame is ringing and illegal, don't do it! However, if you have bought one of the "new" indian frames which come unstamped and you want a frame number you have to apply to the dvla for a 16 digit number and then stamp this onto your frame.

Misfiring problems?
If your scooter's misfiring there could be a couple of reasons which we've listed in order of checking.
Check spark plug gap.
Check your points gap (assuming you're running points).
You may need to get your flywheel remagnetised.

Tell me about 12V Electronic Kits.
12 Volt Electronic Kits
Please note, some people new to Lambrettas have been known to think that electronic ignition is the same as electric start. It's not, it just replaces your points system, it does not provide you with a push button start.

So, are all 12V kits the same?

Simple answer is no, many of the current ones on the market are indian and do have varying degrees of quality and build. The majority of dealers rewire the stators to ensure a quality kit, one dealer even strengthens the flywheel boss by re-riveting and welding it.
There is also a fairly recent addition to electronic kits in the form of the Varitronic System which is a quality Italian system with auto advance and retard system built in, it is also quite a bit lighter than the current conventional systems available. It's supposed to be so good, some dealers won't sell the indian kits anymore. There are several dealers selling this kit, and some more detailed information can be found on Cambridge Lambretta's site here.
NOTE: At the time of writing, the Varitronic will only fit the GP crank and there are no known plans to change this.

What are the 185 Kit Differences?
185 Kit Differences

Imola 185 - Ally barrel, carb on "wrong" side and reed valve.

Mugello 185 - Ally Barrel (nicasil lined), carb on the normal side but no reed valve

GT 185 - Iron barrel (not lined), carb on normal side (unless using a larger e.g. 30mm carb) and reed valve.

SR 185 - Ally Barrel (Iron Liner)