Register your Lambretta

Registratons fall into two categories

  1. 1st Registrations for vehicles that have never been registered in the UK before
  2. V765 Scheme for owners with Documentary evidence to claim back an old UK number plate

Please read below the one which is relevant to you.

    Registration Contacts

Richard Oswald – 07980 937995

Paul Todd – General Registration enquiries

Expired Letters

Under recently revised DVLA rules all Dating Letters now only last for 12 months from date of issue and they will not accept them for registration purposes if they are out of date. L.C.G.B. will replace out of date letters providing they are under two years old without the need to supply further rubbings or photo’s. Simply return your original old Certificate with a £5 admin fee to the first registrations address. Any letters over two years old, which will be in the old format, and ones which have other changes ie: name change etc will need to re visit the first registrations route.

1st Registrations of Imported Vehicles = Vehicles that have never been registered in the UK before

The LCGB can supply a dating letter to enable you to apply for an age related number plate.

For this we simply need a full frame rubbing (including pre fix) or photo of the frame stamp and payment £10 members £20 non members make cheques out to LCGB

We will then return your dating letter with an explanation of what to do next. You will also require an MOT & Insurance to complete your application to DVLA (these documents are not required to apply for a dating letter)

Please note if I can’t read your frame rubbing or make out the stamp on the photograph I can’t process your application and it will be returned to you.

There are no changes to this procedure other than all imported vehicles will require a NOVA form this can be obtained from the NOVA office contact 0300 200 3700.

The LCGB have no dealings with NOVA forms so we can’t supply these.

Please do not send MOT certificates these are not required, all applications are processed by post as hard copies of everything are required for the DVLA follow up checks. Do not email your applications as these will not be processed.

And finally do remember to include your address you would be amazed how many applications I get with no return addresses on them, I don’t have access to the membership database so I need everyone, members and Non members to include their address on the application.

Address for all Registration applications is: LCGB Registrations, 9 Buttercup Lane, East Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 2LU

IMPORTANT: Please be aware. You must send your application along with any supporting documents, rubbings and photographs etc, by NORMAL POST. Sending by Recorded or Registered post WILL delay your application as they will have to be collected from the local sorting office. Please include your name and address inc’ postcode and also telephone number or e-mail address in case of queries.

Any quieries regarding registrations can be sent to one of our team will get back to you, please remember we are all volunteers so this may take a couple of days.

Claiming back an Old Number plate via the V765 Scheme

The biggest cause of delay with these applications is people not submitting the correct paperwork from the outset.

In order to claim back an old number plate you must have one of the following

  • Old RF60 Log Book or Old Style V5
  • Old MOT
  • Old Insurance documentation for the vehicle
  • Local Council archive document ***This must now show the chassis no and Reg no to be accepted ****
  • Any Documentary Evidence that links the chassis no to the number plate

Please Note DVLA will no longer accept Tax Discs as Evidence. All evidence Must now show the chassis no and registration number that you are claiming.

These are the DVLA acceptable documents we can’t change them we have to work within their guidelines, if you haven’t got one of the above then you will need to go down a different route.

Please note that a photo of the number plate screwed to the bike or a photo of someone sat on the bike in 1967 is not acceptable and will mean that your application will be returned.

Once you have your evidence then you will also require:

  • A completed V765 form you can download this from the DVLA website
  • Two Photographs of the bike – The condition of the bike is not important but it must be complete and original, you can’t use this scheme if all you have is a box of bits, you can use this scheme once the box of bits is built into a bike.

If your bike is tatty and you intend to restore it then you can still apply via this scheme but do it before you strip the bike.

  • A Frame rubbing or a photograph of the frame stamp. This is so we can (a) make sure the frame is genuine and the stamp has not been tampered with and (b) to make sure it ties in correctly with the evidence you are providing.
  • Payment made out to LCGB (or via paypal on the website) £10 members or £20.00 non members Please do not make cheques out to anyone else except the LCGB or your application will be returned.

Once you have all this information send it to me at the address below along with 2 x Photo copies of your evidence and your original evidence.

I know it has been suggested in other publications that you could scan the original documents but unfortunately DVLA will not accept this as scans can be doctored we have to see the original evidence.

If you need to send by Recorded delivery this is fine but please keep your Recorded delivery receipt in case you need to follow it up.

If you are not confident in sending documents through the post then contact the committee via the registrations email address and they will arrange to inspect the original documents this will mean instead of you travelling to the local DVLA office we will arrange for you to travel to one of our nominated inspectors.

Once I receive the paperwork I will process the documents and return them to you confirming that I have carried out all the checks and that we are happy with your application. You can then send this off to DVLA and they will handle it from there.

You will also require a V55/5 form to add to your application (I do not need this)

For all V765 Applications send to: LCGB Registrations, 9 Buttercup Lane, East Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 2LU