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Scope of Jobs

Judging the scope and ease of any job while working on a Lambretta is a little tricky. For instance somebody who has tinkered with Lambrettas for a number of years will have more experience working on things then somebody who is a complete novice. You may well in your every day employment be "hands on" where as somebody else may be an office worker and find fixing things a touch more difficult. Hopefully our spanner guide within the work shop pages will give you some guidance to how difficult a job is, but don't let us put you off. Of course, as with any thing on the LCGB site we welcome your feed back. For example, if we have listed a as easy and you found it rather complicated, or vica versa, please let us know.

Where special tools are needed, this is noted along with the ones required within each specific job.

A 1 spanner rating means that a novice can complete the job

means you should be fairly comfortable with mechanical jobs

Although can be straight forward, certain aspects of the work may require more care and attention

Can be quite tricky, certain areas will need more specialist detail to correctly complete the job

Experienced or "Dealer" fitting is recommended