Application for Derbyshire 150 Members Rally - August 20-22, 2021

***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*** - Click HERE for full details.

Kendal Members Rally - 2021

***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*** - Click HERE for full details.

Euro Lambretta 2022

Dear LCGB Members - Here is the official 'Invitation' to members for Euro Lambretta 2022
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For further information and details please see issue 232 of New JetSet due out in early July.

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The World's biggest Lambretta club by miles.
Everything you need from purchasing to running or restoring your Lambretta is available within the LCGB. For further information on joining and enjoying the benefits, click HERE for details.

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Kendal Rally 2021 Announcement


In 2020 + 2021 the L.C.G.B. has decided on a joint sponsorship of two charities :


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The LCGB promotes RIDING Lambrettas. This is why...

This video was made by Mike Oxley, an LCGB member who does not get any commercial gain from his videos. If you would like to see more of his scooter videos or get notifications when new ones are uploaded, visit his youtube site where you can subscribe: or join the SCOOTERS AND RIDERS group on Facebook.

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Scooter Restorations

Dating Certificates help you with DVLA.
Lambrettas which are imported or sometimes restored, will need to be legally registered with DVLA for UK Roads. DVLA accept LCGB Authentication Letters to make the process MUCH easier. Click HERE for details

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